4 generations of Waste Oil Collectors

Cater Oils Ltd, has evolved over 4 generations of the Howell family.


Originally Reginald Howell, his sons Leslie and Fred started trading as R.Howell & Sons collecting food waste for the family pig farm. In those days the pig food would be boiled up in a swill master to kill any bacteria and ensure it was safe for pig feed. With the food waste was also waste cooking oil and fat, which they used to skim off the tanks, barrel up and sell on to animal feed manufacturers.

During the 60's UK pig farming was dying out, due to cheap imports of dutch meat and lower production costs throughout Europe. 

This is when R.Howell and Sons decided to concentrate on the cooking oil markets. They built a used cooking oil processing factory and sold the oil in bulk tankers via an oil trading broker Harris and Tobias. With the help now of Leslie's sons Peter and David, they grew the operation with Peter in charge of collections and David in charge of the factory.

As time passed, Peter wanted to start his own operations to concentrate on larger contracts. He started Wokingham Oils with his wife Stella. Wokingham Oils was hugely successful gaining contracts such as Whitbread, Forte (Happy Eater & Little Chef) , government catering contracts, first leisure just to mention a few.

Peters son, Malcolm Howell formed Cater Oils Ltd to deal specifically with fresh cooking oil sales and waste oil collections.