Bulk Cooking Oil

What do you need to consider when choosing your cooking oil supplier?

Finding the right supplier has a big impact on your business’s bottom line; affecting your pricing structure, the stock you hold, your cash flow, your company’s profitability and of course the quality of your end product. Cateroils take your oil needs seriously and we provide the highest quality product available.

Commercial cooking oil suppliers UK - Why we are a great choice for you!

Lower Costs

We are a UK based company working with UK cooking oil/vegetable oil manufacturers, this will reduce your shipping costs. Being UK based logistically lends itself to quicker lead time for the end-user.

Quicker Lead Times

Being UK based logistically lends itself to a quicker lead time for the end-user. Our delivery drivers are local and are passionate about customer satisfaction.

Committed to our product quality

We are licenced by the UK Environment Agency, we only supply NON-GM refined verified products.

Available & Helpful

We are approachable and endeavour to supply you with the best quality oils at the cheapest prices, assisting you with any queries you may have. We aim for a seamless order, payment and delivery process that works for you!

Committed to our product quality

Getting the best price for your oil is what we do. We work with cooking oils suppliers in the UK to ensure you are getting the best prices, whether you’re buying in bulk or in small quantities.    

The Benefits of buying cooking oil bulk UK

Reduce your Plastic Footprint

By buying cooking oil/vegetable oil in bulk will not only be cheaper but will dramatically lower your packaging waste.No need for individually bottled oil; your oil will be brought to you in easy to store and use barrels. Helping your business lessen its plastic footprint.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Bulk Purchases needless transport in general due to fewer packaging components being produced and delivered before being filled. The transporting of bulk items is a great deal more efficient as they can be more condensed packed on lorries in large bundles instead of individual packages.

Saves You Money

Overall, bulk buying is cheaper. Not paying for extra packaging and second party delivery costs makes bulk buying your oil direct considerably cheaper than purchasing from any supermarket. Without the cost of brands that shops charge means, you get nothing but the product itself.


Only Buying What you Need - No Waste

When you are buying in bulk, it is easier to buy the amount you need. As a business, you can work out how much you require over a certain time period. Especially if you have been trading for at least a year you have enough data to know your consumption of oil you use a month, you can buy exactly that amount rather than buying a 1.5lt bottle. This also cuts your monthly costs.


Manufacturing packaging materials wrecks our forests and deposits contaminations into our waters, using a great quantity of energy which results in large levels of C02 emissions which are then pumped into the atmosphere. As we know, plastic is a massive threat to our environment right now, contaminating our oceans and land faster now more than ever. Buying in bulk – due to lessoned logistics and fewer packaging – is more durable and helps sustain our planet.

Need a Cooking Oil Supplier?

If you are a UK business owner, whether you run a restaurant, chip shop, cafe or fast food takeaway; we continuously aim to get the best prices for our clients and pride ourselves on our customer care.  Contact us at Cater Oils today to talk about your oil needs. The process is simple and straightforward.

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