Rapeseed Oil Suppliers (non GM)

Rapeseed Oil Suppliers

Why use Rapeseed Oil ?

  • High smoke point 204 Celsius
  • Long frying life
  • Suitable for Deep &¬†Shallow Frying
  • Suitable for mayonnaise & Dressings
  • Good Omega 3:6 ratio
  • High in monounsaturated fat


Rapeseed oil, is a premium GM Free cooking oil suitable for deep and shallow frying as well as making mayonnaise and dressing.

Rapeseed oil is also a healthier alternative to vegetable oil (GM Soya) due to its lower omega 6 content, allowing the absorption of omega 3.

Rapeseed oil also has a high smoke point and should offer a long frying life. Rapeseed oil is commonly used in hotels, gastro-pubs, restaurants, schools, hospitals and clubs, where quality is essential.

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