Rapeseed Oil Suppliers (non GM)

Cater Oils are a Rapeseed Oil supplier providing many food and catering industry businesses with high quality Non-GM Rapeseed Oil for the production of food in factories or for restaurants, cafe’s, fast-food outlets, pubs and bars etc…  Rapeseed Oil is perfect for both deep frying and shallow frying due to its high smoke point. Rapeseed Oil is also great for producing salad dressings, mayonnaise and sauces, its neutral taste means it doesn’t overpower the other flavours in the food produced using Rapeseed Oil. 

Rapeseed Oil is the healthier alternative to other Vegetable oils due to its lower omega 6 content, allowing the absorption of omega 3. In some countries Rapeseed Oil is called Canola Oil, but here in the UK it is mainly referred to as Rapeseed, therefore if you are looking for a Canola Oil Supplier, we can help you.

Rapeseed Oil Suppliers

Why use Rapeseed Oil ?

  • High smoke point 204 Celsius
  • Long frying life
  • Suitable for Deep & Shallow Frying
  • Suitable for mayonnaise & Dressings
  • Good Omega 3:6 ratio
  • High in monounsaturated fat

What Is Rapeseed Oil?

Here in the UK we grow a staggering 2.2 million tonnes of Rapeseed in our fields every year, in the summer months you will see those beautiful yellow fields! Rapeseed is in-fact one of the UK’s top 3 crops grown in our farmers fields (the other two are Barley and Wheat). It is the only cooking oil which is grown and bottled here in the UK, other oils are usually imported from other European countries. The yellow flowered Rape plant produces black seeds, these are pressed which releases the Rapeseed Oil.

The Culinary Benefits or Rapeseed Oil

Cooking using Rapeseed Oil has various benefits to food production companies, it offers great cooking performance and versatility over other oils. There are two main types of Rapeseed Oil, “Cold-pressed” and “refined”.

Cold-pressed oil is perfectly suited for the production of sauces, marinades dressings and dips, it has often been described as having a delicate, nutty and light flavour.

Refined Rapeseed Oil is a flavourless, non-greasy and light oil making it perfect for frying and cooking food. Compared to Olive oil it has a very high “smoke point”, this is the temperature at which an oil starts giving off smoke, Refined Rapeseed Oil’s smoke point is around 240 degrees centigrade where Olive Oil’s smoke point is around 190 degrees. The higher smoke point makes it ideal for Deep Frying and Shallow Frying. Our Refined Rapeseed oils contains a E900 anti foaming agent, making it much safer to cook with.

Rapeseed Oil contains less saturated fats than other oils and there are numerous Nutritional benefits over some other oils.

Wholesale Rapeseed oil Suppliers

Cater Oils specialise in supplying food and catering industry businesses with bulk or Wholesale Rapseed Oil. We are able to supply quantities of Rapeseed oil from a 20L BIB (bag in a box), 20L metal tins through to larger quantities in 1000L Tanks (IBCs).

We will also collect any used cooking oils from your premises, providing your with the correct documentation to ensure your legal responsibilities are being met with the disposal of waste cooking oils.e

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Rapeseed Oil Suppliers

Non-GM Rapeseed oil

Our Rapeseed Oil products are produced ethically and naturally using non-genetically modified Rapeseed. Due to this our Rapeseed Oil products are free from artificial additives and chemicals, they are much better for the environment and are 100% natural.

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Rapeseed Oil Farming

Rapeseed Oil Prices

Rapeseed oil, is a premium GM Free cooking oil suitable for deep and shallow frying as well as making mayonnaise and dressing.

Rapeseed oil is also a healthier alternative to vegetable oil (GM Soya) due to its lower omega 6 content, allowing the absorption of omega 3.

Rapeseed oil also has a high smoke point and should offer a long frying life. Rapeseed oil is commonly used in hotels, gastro-pubs, restaurants, schools, hospitals and clubs, where quality is essential.

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Rapeseed Oil Suppliers to Restaurants

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Cater oils is a family run business, we’ve been in the cooking oil industry for 4 generations. We pride ourselves with giving good service and you, our customer is our number one priority.

We hope you will be satisfied with our quote and look forward to doing business with you.

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