Where is your fresh oil produced?

Fresh rapeseed oil we sell is usually produced at the ADM factory in London. Vegetable oil generally comes from our European hub in Rotterdam and is produced from soya bean grown in the Americas..

What is you minimum order?

We have no minimum order, but to be able to give you a wholesale price for fresh oils, we need an order of 4 x 20L fresh oil. We can still deliver smaller quantities, but it may be cheaper to buy from your food-service company and use us just to collect your waste oil.

How much will I get for my waste oil?

The amount we can pay for your waste oil is dependent on how much you have. The more we collect per visit the more we can pay you! Collections of around 100L + we can usually pay you 10p per litre. Collections of 200+ we can pay 15p per litre. Largest customers storing oil in 1000L IBC’s can expect around 20p per litre depending on market conditions.

I have a large amount of waste oil, will you buy it?

Yes, we will happily pay you for large quantities of waste cooking oil collected. Please remember, our service is an economy of scale. The more oil you have per collection, the more we can pay you.

Please contact us of a quote.

What happens to all the used oil you collect?

All the used cooking oils we collect are recycled into bio-diesel. None of the waste oil we collect is filtered for reuse or for animal feeds. Once we take the used oils back to our depot, we filter the waste oil, drop out any moisture and impurities before pumping into a bulk tank ready for bio-diesel production.

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