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There are many different types of cooking oil on the market, with each one being best suited to certain cooking methods than others. Where we used to have the choice between just a handful of different cooking oils, there’s now

Cooking oil can only really be disposed of in one way. Usually, you do this by pouring it into a disposable container and placing it into your general bin. Something you must never do is pour it down the drain.

Cooking oil is a staple in domestic and commercial kitchens around the world. However, there has been a long-debated argument about which type of oil is healthiest, what each one can be used for and how it can be disposed

When it comes to cooking and food preparation, you may have always wondered what the differences are between various oils, most notably virgin and extra virgin olive oil. This is because extra virgin olive oil is used for salad dressing

You may have heard of the term “biodiesel” before, but have you ever wondered what it is and how it’s made? Biodiesel can be produced through the use of cooking oil, whether it be pure, uncontaminated cooking oil or waste

It’s long been debated as to the health benefits that non-organic and organic cooking oils have. Where most people think that non-organic oils are no more unhealthy than organic cooking oils, it’s more likely that organic cooking oils, such as

Cooking oil has always been widely considered to be non-recyclable, causing people to throw it into the bin or even tip it down the drain – which you must never do. However, cooking oil is actually very much recyclable. An

You might think that choosing a cooking oil isn’t a difficult decision, because they’re all, basically, the same thing. But you’d actually be mistaken. Not all cooking oils are the same and not all of them should be used, primarily,

Cooking oil might well be good to use several times throughout the day, especially if you’re making several dishes that are the same. But cooking oil still needs to be swapped over for a fresh supply every so often. This