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Can cooking oil fuel my car? Every year, more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of burning fossil fuels and the terrible impact it is having on our environment. As a result many people and businesses are

The environmental and economical benefits of recycling vegetable oil Vegetable oil, and similar products such as sunflower oil and rapeseed oil, are used in homes and catering kitchens across the globe. Every year, we use millions of tonnes of cooking

Looking for wholesale vegetable oil? Click hereLooking for wholesale rapeseed oil? Click here Rapeseed oil is a specific oil, just like soya bean oil, olive oil & sunflower oil. All these oils have very different culinary uses but are all

You must not pour waste oil down a sink or drain Doing so will can cause blockages in drains and sewers. Waste cooking oils & fats allowed to enter the watercourse will combine with calcium in the sewers and cause

You’ve probably heard that saturated fats are really bad for you, will increase your cholesterol, will eventually lead to heart disease. This information has been handed out by trusted sources: NHS “Too much fat in your diet, especially saturated fats,

Have you ever wondered how cooking oils are produced? Why are some oils better than other for frying and some are only used for dressings? After spending years in the cooking oil industry I thought it was only right to

REDcert is similar to ISCC certification, to prove all Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collected is sustainable in terms of origin & GHG emmisions. We have been audited to ensure we have the correct measures in place, such as Waste Tranfer

SHORTAGES FACT OR FICTION? With the Brexit deadline around the corner and a no deal becoming ever more probable, could we face cooking oil shortages? Cooking oils are traded internationally as a commodity. Soya bean oil is generally produced in

Cater Oils today has evolved through 4 generations of the Howell family. It was all started a long time ago by my great grandfather R.Howell. In those days our family had a pig farm and we would collect food waste