Vegetable Oil Suppliers

Cater Oils are a leading vegetable oil supplier to businesses and commercial premises throughout Kent, Surrey and the wider London area. 

As a family run business, we have over four generations of experience, and now supply vegetable cooking oils to commercial customers in restaurants, cafes, takeaways and many other catering outlets on a weekly basis.

Our vegetable oil supply and management services allow us to deliver oil to your doorstep, and collect your used cooking oil efficiently and conveniently.

Vegetable Oil Suppliers

Vegetable Oil Facts

  • High Smoke Point
  • Extended Life
  • Suitable for deep & shallow frying
  • Versatile cost effective oil
  • produced from GM soya

Why Use Vegetable Oil?

Our high quality vegetable oil is a versatile, cost effective cooking oil. Produced from GM soya, it has a high smoke point and is ideal for deep fat and shallow frying. It also contains an E900 antifoaming agent to give it an extended shelf life.

We only offer vegetable oil from the best brands on the market, including KTC vegetable oils, to ensure you’re serving up great tasting food to your customers. 

Vegetable Oil Wholesalers Prices

Cater oils is a supplier of 20L vegetable cooking oil to caterers.

Buying your vegetable oil directly from Cater Oils means you benefit from our low prices. We work closely with quality cooking oil suppliers, ensuring you get the best products and the lowest prices, no matter how much or little you use. 

Vegetable oil is commonly used in cafes, takeaways & fast food outlets.

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Bulk Buying Vegetable Oil

If you’re looking to bulk buy vegetable oil, Cater Oils offer 20L containers of quality vegetable oils which are ideal for use in catering, restaurants and fast food outlets. Vegetable oil is one of the most cost effective types of oil and buying in bulk from us makes it even cheaper and much more convenient. 

We can discuss your usage with you, recommend the right products and arrange regular deliveries to ensure you never run out. 

Vegetable Oil Storage

Restaurant-Kitchen Cooking Oil Service

Cater Oils also offer a full vegetable oil management service, so as well as supplying high quality oils to you, we can also provide you with specialist storage containers for your used oil. 

  • 20L Cans
  • 200L, 150L, 120L, 60L Barrels
  • 1000L IBCs
  • Bulk Tanks

Waste vegetable oil should not be poured away, and as a responsible business owner you need a reliable waste oil company to collect, transport and recycle your oil in line with legal requirements. 

Cater Oils are an approved waste carrier, licensed by the Environment Agency, so you can trust us to collect your vegetable oil and process it ready to be recycled into environmentally-friendly green biofuel.

Vegetable Oil Prices

We pride ourselves on offering our range of vegetable oils at the best possible prices. Working directly with the suppliers, we negotiate low prices so we can pass on great cost savings to you, our valued customers. 

So if you’re looking for a reputable, quality vegetable oil supplier, contact the team at Cater Oils today to discuss your requirements. We’ll ensure reliable, regular deliveries and licensed and approved collections of your used oil. Call us today to find out more. 

Or Call Us On: 01753 307302
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Cater oils has been a family run business for 4 generations.

Our company first started collecting used oils and fats on a horse and cart! Now we have multiple vans in each area supplying vegetable cooking oils to caterers on a weekly service and collecting used cooking oils & fats.

Vegetable Oil Suppliers