Vegetable Oil Suppliers

Vegetable Oil Suppliers

Vegetable Oil Facts

  • High Smoke Point
  • Extended Life
  • Suitable for deep & shallow frying
  • Versatile cost effective oil
  • produced from GM soya

Vegetable Oil Wholesalers Prices

Cater oils is a supplier of 20L vegetable cooking oil to caterers.

Vegetable oil is a versatile cost effective oil, suitable for deep fat and shallow frying. It is an extended life cooking oil containing E900 anti-foaming agent.

Vegetable oil is commonly used in cafes, takeaways & fast food outlets.

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Cater oils has been a family run business for 4 generations.

Our company first started collecting used oils and fats on a horse and cart! Now we have multiple vans in each area supplying vegetable cooking oils to caterers on a weekly service and collecting used cooking oils & fats.

Vegetable Oil Suppliers