Waste Cooking Oil Collection

Waste Cooking Oil Collection

Waste Cooking Oil Collection Services

Get your used vegetable oil recycled for free! (we even pay you for it!)

We offer a free waste cooking oil collection & removal service (minimum quantities apply). In most cases we even pay you to take it away!

Our free cooking oil disposal services mean you can get rid of your used oil legally and conveniently, and we will offer you cash or credit against our fresh cooking oil supplies.

Upon collection, you will receive a waste transfer note. You have a legal responsibility to ensure your waste oil is collected by a licensed company and to keep records of collections for 6 years.

For more information about your legal responsibilities follow the link: https://www.gov.uk/managing-your-waste-an-overview

Our company is licensed by: Environment Agency

Click Waste Licence Number here CBDU84909 to view and download our waste carriers licence.

All waste oils recovered are recycled into green bio-diesel combating climate change.

We collect used cooking oils, fats & grease residues, out of date butter & margarine stored in:

We assume that used cooking oils to be collected will be 90% oil. If you feel your oils are heavily contaminated, we can still collect, but please let us know.

All the waste cooking oil we collect is recycled into bio-fuel at one of the UKs leading bio-diesel refineries.

We are licensed by the Environment Agency for the collection & recovery of used cooking oils & fats. We provide waste transfer notes on every collection.

Waste Cooking Oil Collection Services

We Pay You To Take Your Used Cooking Oil!

As part of our service when collecting your used cooking oil we actually pay you to take it away! This oil is then recycled into biofuels.

Why Use Our Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service?

Waste Cooking Oil Collection Tanker
Waste Cooking Oil Collection Tanker

By using the cater oils waste cooking oil collection & recycling system, it enables you to fully comply with your duty of care and avoid costly prosecution from waste cooking oils entering drains and watercourses.

With every waste cooking oil collection you will receive a paper Waste Transfer Note. We will also hold a copy as an electronic version, which can be emailed to you, with full records kept on our cloud based server.

Cater Oils is fully licensed by the environment agency for the collection and processing of used cooking oils. We are able to provide consultancy and site reports for the correct storage areas of UCO in respect to environmental and health & safety legislation.

All waste cooking oils collected by cater oils ltd are recycled into bio-diesel at one of the UKs leading refineries such as Greenergy.