Food Manufacturers Waste Oil Collections

food manufacturer oil collections

Cooking Oil Collections for Food Manufacturers

The team at Cater Oils are here to provide completely free, legally compliant and environmentally friendly used oil collections for food manufacturers. No matter how much waste oil you produce, we can tailor a waste oil disposal service to meet your requirements.

Our regular waste oil collections are tailored to meet the needs of food manufacturers and we will provide all the containers (tins or tanks, depending on the amount) you need to easily store your used oil until it is collected.

As a fully licensed and certified company you can trust that the food manufacturing waste cooking oil we collect will be transported and recycled in line with the Environment Agency’s rules and guidelines, and we’ll provide the transfer notes you need for your records.

All the used oil we collect from food manufacturers is processed ready to be reused as a green biofuel. Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels, so using Cater Oils will lower you overall environmental impact.

Cater Oils are also suppliers of quality cooking oils, so if you want one company to provide all your food manufacturing cooking oil needs, simply call our team to discuss a tailored delivery and collection service, or fill out the form below to get started.

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food manufacturer oil collections
food manufacturer oil collections
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