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If you produce waste cooking oil as part of your business operations then you must make sure that you’re storing it appropriately, in preparation for safe and responsible used cooking oil disposal near you. Ensure that you do not spill

Used cooking oils and fats can cause huge problems if not disposed of correctly. But what is the best way to dispose of cooking oil? It depends whether you are a homeowner trying to get rid of your old oils,

What do you need to consider when choosing your cooking oil supplier? Finding the right supplier has a big impact on your business’s bottom line; affecting your pricing structure, the stock you hold, your cash flow, your company’s profitability and

Almost three quarters of all food waste, including cooking oils and fats, comes from households. Reducing this waste and its impact on our environment is one of the key aspects to creating a more sustainable future. Food Waste Facts 50

Restaurants and cafes across the country have found themselves plunged back into another lockdown, with limited light at the end of the tunnel.  Here at Cater Oils, we have already seen lots of catering and hospitality businesses close their doors,

If you run a commercial hot food kitchen, such as a restaurant, hotel, pub, fast food shop or bakery; or you manufacture or produce food products, then you need a grease trap or an interceptor fitted to separate grease, cooking

A Covid Secure Checklist for the Catering and Hospitality Trade As we reach the end of Lockdown Two, and with the festive period fast approaching, many restaurants, cafes and canteens are looking forward to hopefully getting the doors back open

Cooking Oil Disposal Management Here at Cater Oils we take great pride in ensuring all the waste cooking oil we collect is properly processed in line with the relevant regulations. Your Responsibilities The Food Safety Act 1990 governs the management

Managing Used Cooking Oil in Commercial Kitchens Any one who works in a commercial kitchen or large catering environment will tell you that the grease gets everywhere! Large scale cooking, frying or baking with cooking oils, such as rapeseed oil