How much is Cooking Oil?

The prices of cooking oil varies greatly between suppliers. For example a fruit and veg supplier may charge 20% more than a large food service supplier 40% more than a specialist oil company and 50% more than a cash and carry. 

Its all down to service, vehicle sizes and scale. 

Fruit and veg suppliers, meat wholesalers and fish suppliers all tend to run small  3.5t non HGV vans and  offer a high level service delivering next working day.

Cooking oil is pretty heavy in comparison to the other goods and if they are running fridge freezer vans they have an even further reduced payload meaning they may only be able to carry 20 x 20L cans at a time. 

Food service companies tend to run heavier vehicles from 7.5 ton HGV's to 26t rigid lorries. This means that they can carry more weight and it costs less to deliver the oil. With that said they still offer a next day service so are less efficient that a specialist oil company.

Specialist oil companies like ourselves run high payoad 3.5t vans and 7.5t lorries so we can carry many cans of fresh oil, we also supply on set days in each area, making our deliveries larger and more efficient. We also collect your used cooking oil, so we make money on both sides meaning we should be the cheapest way to buy cooking oil. 

We may be beaten by cash and carries on price, but do they deliver? Most likely not.