Our Process For Used Cooking Oil Disposal

Cooking Oil Disposal Management

Here at Cater Oils we take great pride in ensuring all the waste cooking oil we collect is properly processed in line with the relevant regulations.

Your Responsibilities

The Food Safety Act 1990 governs the management and disposal of waste cooking oils and this legislation is enforced by the Food Standards Agency. As a result, if your business uses cooking oils, especially in large quantities, your local authorities have the power to inspect your premises, and if they find evidence that you are not following the Food Safety Act 1990, they can impose penalties, fines and even force you to close.

To ensure you are meeting all requirements with regards to disposing of used cooking oil correctly, you should always use a waste carrier that is registered with the Environment Agency, such as Cater Oils. This means you can trust us to correctly collect and process your waste oil, and provide you with a Waste Transfer Note for your records, to evidence your adherence with the relevant legislation.

Restaurant Oil Collection

Cooking Oil Disposal Process

Arranging for the correct disposal of your waste cooking oil is simple, just follow our process below: 

Step 1

Simply get in touch with us, on the phone or via our contact form. Our waste cooking oil collections are completely free of charge, and we will even give you a credit to redeem against a fresh cooking oil delivery from us. 

Step 2

A member of our friendly and professional team will contact you to arrange a convenient collection time. This might be a one-off collection, or you can trust us to arrange regular collections, to handle all of your waste oil disposal on an ongoing basis. 


Step 3

We will arrive at the arranged time to safely collect your waste cooking oil. If required, we can provide you with the correct containers in which to safely store your waste oils in between collection dates.

Step 4

Following collection, our teams will provide you with a legally compliant Waste Transfer Note. You should never release your waste oils to a company unless you are sure they are registered with the Environment Agency and can provide you with the correct documentation. 

Step 5

Once we have your used cooking oil, we take it away for processing. The waste oil can be refined and filtered ready to be effectively recycled. All the waste oils we process are then turned into biodiesel by the UK’s leading biofuel recycling companies.

and remember...

  • We can provide appropriate storage containers for your waste oil if needed, including: 20L cans, 60L – 200L barrels, 1000L IBCs or bulk storage tanks, depending on your requirements. The correct storage of your waste cooking oil is also governed by legislation, so it is vital you ensure your used oils are stored in an hygienic way, that prevents leaks that could contaminate the water system.
  • If you are inspected by the local authorities, they will want to see the Waste Transfer Notes for your oil collections as evidence that you are managing your waste in a responsible and legal manner.
  • We work hard to ensure you can trust that both our company, and your business, are acting in an environmentally responsible manner, and that we are both fulfilling our legal requirements.

Arrange for a Collection with Cater Oils

To find out more, or to arrange for your waste cooking oil disposal with a registered company, simply contact us today on 01753 307302. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a collection, or management service that meets your needs and satisfies your legal obligations.
Cooking Oil Disposal

We Pay You To Take Your Used Cooking Oil!

As part of our service when collecting your used cooking oil we actually pay you to take it away! This oil is then recycled into biofuels.

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