Used Cooking Oil Collection In Banbury

Free used cooking oil collection service in Banbury

Recycling your used vegetable oil might earn you some extra cash!We provide free waste cooking oil collection in Banbury to make recycling and reinvesting in new oil considerably easier.

In the United Kingdom, we are legally required to properly handle used cooking oil. If disposed of incorrectly, cooking oil can cause drainage problems and environmental issues.

In exchange for free cooking oil disposal, we will provide you with a reduction on new cooking oil purchases.

The collection date will be set for you when we receive your order. You’ll get documentation that explains how to safely dispose of your waste oils after collection. If you’re ever audited in the next six years, make sure you retain this document.

Click here for more information about your legal responsibilities.

Our company is licensed by: Environment Agency

To view and obtain a copy of our waste carriers licence, click our Waste Licence Number CBDU84909.

We collect used cooking oils within Banbury, including fats & grease residues from:

  • 20L Cans
  • 200L, 150L, 120L, 60L
  • Barrels
  • 1000L IBCs
  • Bulk Tanks

To ensure we can pick up your oils for cleaning, please keep the following in mind: 90% of the substance must be oil. We will take heavier and more contaminated oils, but please contact us ahead of time to work out the details.

We recycle all collected cooking oil waste at one of the UK’s top bio-diesel refineries.

We are approved by the Environment Agency to handle used cooking oils and fats, which allows us to collect and dispose of them. Every trip or collection includes a waste transfer note for safe disposal of refuse.

Waste Cooking Oil Collection Services

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service?

Waste Cooking Oil Collection tanker
Cater Oils supplies UCO to Greenergy in Immingham for conversion to biodiesel

We collect your unused oil for recycling, which guarantees you’re in line with all laws and protects you from hefty fines. When you use our waste cooking oil collection services, our staff will give you a Waste Transfer Note and save an electronic copy of the paperwork to maintain thorough records.

We are able to create reports of used cooking oil storage locations that conform with environmental regulations.

Greenergy receives all of the catering-oil waste. Greenergy’s own refining process allows it to transform the bulk of used oils into biodegradable bio-diesel.

There are several advantages to getting rid of used cooking oil. Recycling may assist decrease the environmental effect of your kitchen while also turning it into a source of fuel for automobiles.

Recycled Waste Oil

All of the cooking oil we collect at Cateroils is processed into bio-diesel, which may be used as a substitute for fossil fuels in your vehicle. We pick up used cooking oils from your location as a certified waste carrier. We provide documentation to all clients stating that the method is legal. For oil recycling in Banbury, contact Cater Oils on 01753 307 302 or fill out our Oil Collection Form.