Used Cooking Oil Collection In Bicester

We pay a premium price to recycle your used cooking oil. Businesses may join our free waste cooking oil collection program in order to make recycling and reinvesting in new oil more appealing. We will usually reimburse you for the cost of transporting your old oils and fats, even in most cases!

In the United Kingdom, businesses struggle with how to properly dispose of used cooking oil. Many businesses are required by law to properly dispose of their oil, resulting in clogged drains and environmental issues. This may result in thousands of pounds of damage and have an impact on local authorities.

Our disposal services also include a free credit for your next fresh oil supply.

We can provide evidence that you’ve completed all of the necessary waste oil removal procedures in the form of a waste transfer note. We advise that you keep this document for at least six years in case an audit is required later, and to adhere to legal record-keeping standards.

For a more detailed explanation of your legal duties, go to the government website:

The company has obtained an Environment Agency license. Please see our waste carriers license (Number CBDU84909).

We collect your used cooking oils from restaurants, cafeterias, takeaways and other food service outlets in Bicester and the surrounding areas. The following containers are where we find fats/grease residues stored:

20L Cans
200L, 150L, 120L, 60L Barrels
1000L IBCs
Bulk Tanks

Although clear and light oils can be readily recycled, if the cooking oil is particularly filthy, give us a call before disposal to see whether it’s too contaminated to recycle effectively. Cooking oils and fats are collected from restaurants in the United Kingdom, and we recycle cooking oil waste at one of the UK’s most efficient bio-diesel refineries.
Waste Cooking Oil Collection Services

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service?

Waste Cooking Oil Collection tanker
Cater Oils supplies UCO to Greenergy in Immingham for conversion to biodiesel

You’ll get a Waste Transfer Note and electronic records will be kept to ensure that the waste oil is disposed of appropriately when we collect it.

We are registered and compliant by the Environment Agency, which has granted us permission to collect and refine used cooking oils, which will be recycled into biodiesel. On-site inspections help you maintain fats and oils in line with environmental regulations.

The waste cooking oil collected by Cateroils is delivered to Greenergy right away. The company’s own refining process transforms a large percentage of the used oils it receives into environmentally friendly bio-diesel.

Recycling of old cooking oil is critical because far less of it ends up in landfills and the environment, which can be bad for local animals.

All collections are scheduled to minimize disturbance to your business as much as possible when we collect cooking oils.

Recycled Waste Oil

Cateroils collects cooking oil to be converted into biodeisel fuel. Bio-diesel may be used instead of fossil fuels in vehicles and equipment.

We can assist you in recycling and eliminating your hazardous waste. We provide a 100 percent free recycling and disposal service to help you. We also give you with documentation to confirm the legality of the procedure.

For oil recycling in Bicester, contact Cater Oils on 01753 307 302 or fill out our Oil Collection Form.