Used Cooking Oil Collection In Woking

We pay premium rates for recycling your used cooking oil. Businesses can sign up for our free waste cooking oil collection service in order to make recycling and reinvesting in new oil more viable. In most cases we even pay you to take your used oils and fats away!

Many UK businesses are required to properly dispose of cooking oil. Businesses often neglect to dispose of their oil properly, which leads to drainage issues and environmental problems. This can create thousands of pounds worth of damage and affect local councils.

Get free credit towards your next fresh oil supply with our disposal services.

We provide proof that you have taken the appropriate steps to dispose of your waste oil. We ask you keep this document for at least six years in case an audit arises later on, it is a legal requirement to keep all waste transfer notes for at least 6 years.

For a more thorough explanation on your legal obligations, follow this link to the government website:

Cateroils Ltd has been fully licensed by the Environment Agency. Click here to access and download our waste carriers license, with our Waste Licence Number CBDU84909

To-recycle used cooking oils, we collect from your location in Woking and surrounding areas including fats/grease residues stored in the following containers:

    • 20L Cans
    • 200L, 150L, 120L, 60L


  • 1000L IBCs
  • Bulk Tanks


Clear and light oils can easily be recycled, but give us a call before disposal if the cooking oil is especially dirty.

Collected from UK food outlets, we carefully recycle cooking oil waste at the UK’s leading bio-diesel refinery.

Waste Cooking Oil Collection Services

Why Use our Waste Oil Collection Service

Waste Cooking Oil Collection tanker
Cater Oils supplies UCO to Greenergy in Immingham for conversion to biodiesel

When we collect your waste oil, you’ll receive a Waste Transfer Note and electronic records will be filed to ensure a paper trail of proper disposal.

Cater Oils is licensed by the Environment Agency to collect and process used cooking oils, for recycling and generating biodiesel. We provide reports on-site that helps you store fats and oils in compliance with environmental legislation.

All of the waste cooking oil collected by Cateroils is directly shipped to Greenergy. The company creates environmentally friendly bio-diesel using their own refining process from most of the used oils they receive.

It’s important to process used cooking oil so less of it ends up in landfills and the surrounding environment.

We offer a competitive collection service and can arrange an oil waste pick-up with minimum disruption to your business.

Recycled Waste Oil

Cater Oils collects cooking oil to recycle it into bio-diesel fuel. Bio-diesel can be used to power cars and machinery as an alternative to fossil fuels.

To assist you, we offer a 100% free recycling and disposal service. We provide you with documents as well to guarantee the legality of the process.

If you are trying to recycle oil in Woking, Cater Oils can help. Fill out this Oil Collection Form or contact us at 01753 307302.