How to Dispose of Large Amounts of Waste Cooking Oil

If you produce waste cooking oil as part of your business operations then you must make sure that you’re storing it appropriately, in preparation for safe and responsible used cooking oil disposal near you. Ensure that you do not spill any cooking oil in the process and it must be collected by a registered, fully-licensed waste carrier, such as Cater Oils.

It’s imperative that waste cooking oil is not tipped down the drain as this can cause serious problems in the sewage system. There have been cases of ‘fatbergs’ in the country, with one weighing as much as eleven double-decker buses. These masses are made up of fat, oil, nappies and wet wipes and when combined, they can wreak havoc on entire drainage systems.

There was one instance in Surrey where residents complained that they couldn’t flush their toilets, therefore proving that drains can become damaged and households disrupted as a result of fat and oil being poured down the plug hole. There is only one way to mitigate these issues and that’s to refrain from pouring used cooking oil down the drain in the first place.

If you produce small amounts of it, tip your waste cooking oil into a disposable container and seal it tight. You’ll then be able to put this in with your general waste ready for normal collection. There are some things you should bare in mind firstly, however:

  • Opt for disposable containers, like takeaway boxes, plastic bottles or juice cartons
  • Wait for the oil to completely cool before pouring into any such container
  • Seal it shut to prevent it from spilling or leaking
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However, if you produce large amounts of waste cooking oil on a regular basis, then you’d be far better off calling a licensed waste cooking oil collector, such as Cater Oils, to take your oil away for you. In some cases, Cater Oils will pay you for your used cooking oil as we’ll turn it into bio-diesel to help keep your carbon footprint low. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly, responsible waste cooking oil disposal methods, even providing you with a duty of care waste transfer ticket upon removal. This gives you absolute peace of mind that you’re choosing reputable, reliable and free waste cooking oil collection services near you. We’re fully-licensed and operate to the highest possible legal standards to ensure safe, free waste cooking oil collection and disposal. If you produce waste cooking oil periodically, then you’ll be able to arrange a free waste cooking oil collection contract with us here at Cater Oils. This way, you can rest assured that your used cooking oil will always be taken away as quickly and efficiently as possible, ready for recycling further down the line. Cater Oils recycle 100% of the waste cooking oil we collect, so if you’re looking for environmentally-friendly waste cooking oil disposal methods, then look no further than the professional, hardworking team here at Cater Oils.
If you’d like more information about the free waste cooking oil collection services Cater Oils have to offer, get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today – we’re always happy to help.

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